Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Moment of Truth at Exit 68

Each of us have a moment of truth. For me, my life changed at Exit 68.

I was driving home from a difficult day of work. As I stopped for gas off Exit 68, all I could think of was the corporate reorganization announced that morning. My long corporate career was about to change. I’d considered self-employment before, but I’d put off that dream for another day.

My future changed at pump #3. A man, not much older than myself, had a fishing boat behind his pickup truck that caught my eye. “How are you doing road warrior?” he asked.

How was I doing? This was my exact question to myself. We started talking; I learned that he was a retired school administrator. He'd been presented with changes in his life, and instead of holding tight to his set course, he decided to control his destiny. He saw an opportunity to change his life, and he took it.

The good news is we are surrounded by opportunities – to lead others and grow organizations. But we need momentum to move forward. I hope my newsletter, The Opportunity Coach, can be that momentum for you. My newsletters will focus on identifying opportunities and seeing what stands in the way of achieving all of your goals.

My goal is to be a catalyst for you, much as the retired school administrator on Exit 68 was for me.

As always, I welcome your feedback or input.


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